About Us

Who are ya?

We are The Wilde Bakery Artisan Flapjack, a small family bakery that produces quality with a smile.

What do you do?

We manufacture flapjack with the finest ingredients in a wide variety of flavours . 

No additives, no emulsifiers, no oils, just the simple ingredients. 

Where are ya?

Based in Bare Village Morecambe we attend many food festivals and events up and down the UK so you will be able to see us at your local shows for sure.


Where've ya been?

After many year with the family restaurant in Bowness on Windemere, followed on by our Lancaster city centre Coffee House we now take advantage of having a patisserie chef in the family in making our Artisan Flapjack. Catering is what we've done and Flapjack is what we do!


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